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Both of Abby’s men are gone.
Yes. Isn’t that awful.

So what’s next for Abby?
Well, Abby’s in a bit of repair right now. She’s got to put some pieces back together. And then some really exciting turns are coming.

Is there anything you can tell us about those turns?
I cannot give you anything without giving it all away. But I promise that it’s going to be good.

When will that be?
In like nine years. No, I think it’s probably around January.

Do you have anything between now and then?
Yes. She does. You start seeing the setup.

So what did you think when you found out that both of the people you’ve been working with were leaving?
Isn’t that crazy? Well, Nathan I sort of found out in a roundabout way. Nathan’s was not as clear cut as Casey’s. And Casey we knew that was coming for a while. So that was the anticipation of knowing it was coming and finding out how it would happen. And I just adore Casey. I feel like we grew up together. We were both really protective of his storyline and how it would turn out, and we both really loved it. Those were the hardest things I’ve ever done. I couldn’t even rehearse them, and they said you can’t really cry and fall apart until you leave the room. So it was so hard for me. It was a great acting exercise, but I was so emotional knowing he was leaving. And with Nathan, it was just so sudden. I read the script and saw that he was doing Doctors Without Borders, and I was like, “What?” I asked him, and we know that sometimes people leave for a little while and come back. We really didn’t know what was going to happen, but then it turned out he wasn’t returning. The way I played it with Abigail was that she was just so shocked. Cameron is the one she was going to pick all along, and then Chad came in and did all of his mind messing. She really wanted to be with Cameron, so knowing that he was leaving so suddenly she felt like she had been rejected twice.

Do you have any more family stuff coming up?
Yeah, there’s some family stuff coming up in the sense that my mom is trying to sort out what’s going on with Daniel, so we’re dealing with that. And also JJ has been a really naughty boy, so Abby’s involved with that.

One major criticism of Abby on our board is that she’s so accepting of Daniel.
How she received him so well in the beginning and got over Jack quickly? Yeah. What I have to say about that, though, is that Jack is great but he abandoned Abigail for years over and over. He would be so present and be this amazing father, but then he’d take off on some adventure. Really what Daniel represented for Abigail is stability. You know, she came from Europe to help take care of her mom after open heart surgery way back when, and that’s how they got together, and I think that’s why Abigail is so positive in receiving him. So my father coming back was painful and him leaving again was painful. I think there’s a maturity though where Abigail can say, I want my mom to be happy and she is not being disloyal to my father.

There also wasn’t much focus on Abby’s reaction to Jack’s death.
Yeah, right. Sure. What I’m upset about is that I’m always walking in and out of elevators. If that happened to me, I would never set foot in one again. So every time I get off an elevator in a scene, I try to add that into the layering of the character.
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