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Nov 11 2013, 02:13 AM
I mean, it's one thing to say that Jack wasn't always there, but to say "he abandoned Abigail for years over and over"? He was away for reasons beyond his control with the exception of when he left after Abigail got aplastic anemia as a baby and he blamed himself for her illness. I just don't understand the looking down on Jack as if he was a bad father - he was "killed" by the Salem Stalker and held captive on Melaswen Island; he later faked his death and left Salem, but only because he thought he was terminally ill and would be dying anyway, and saw that Jennifer could be happy with Frankie if he left; and in 2011 his "walkabout" was actually him being held captive in Afghanistan after pursuing a story on drug trafficking. Jack is a reporter, and was doing his job in pursuing a story, just like other professionals often risk their lives in doing what they do. They don't have the intention of abandoning their loved ones, sometimes circumstances that are beyond their control take them away from their families.

So yes, Jack wasn't always physically present, but he did not intentionally leave his family. I can understand Abby being disappointed in the situation (that Jack was not always there), but not disappointment in him as if he was to blame. Especially when you're going to call his absences fricken "adventures" - because yes, leaving out of guilt, being "killed" and held captive on an island, thinking you're terminally ill, and being kidnapped in Afghanistan are total adrenaline rushes. :eyeroll:

I don't think Jack Deveraux is perfect by any means, but I certainly don't think it's accurate to say he "abandoned" his family or left them to set off on adventures. Kate Mansi needs to look up her Days history. But I suppose she has to try and sell what TPTB give her, but in this case what they're giving her is botched up and inaccurate history.
This is the only interview I've read that kind of makes me feel rage-y. Way to go, KM. :ermm:
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