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Sounds like they are white-washing the Victor/Marlena thing. I still need that conversation and confrontation. I wouldn't mind seeing Marlena getting a little revenge there.

Glad Marlena is basically telling John to GTFO. He abandoned his family for 9 months and expects to be able to jump back in and play the role of "concerned father". If he was so "concerned" in the first place he would have come back months before that.

In the end, yes, I want John and Marlena back together. But only after John spills his guts on the deep, psychological, and emotional reasons behind his "actions" regarding Kristen --- a woman he couldn't have given less of a fuck about for 18 years. If he was just playin' Marlena regarding his "plan" and had to pretend to be an asshole to make it seem realistic, then say so. Explain that. Marlena can forgive that.

Just fix the damn history.

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