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Nov 11 2013, 10:39 AM
Kate Mansi ‏@KateMansi 4m
I got a LOTof tweets last night after the @DaytimeRoyalty interview.Just to clarify...I was addressing the question asked&what I first said

Kate Mansi ‏@KateMansi 4m
was that I understand all your frustrations about the Jack s/l.I tried to handle it with as much sensitivity as possible-obviously it was

Kate Mansi ‏@KateMansi 1m
heartbreaking for me.I simply meant,for a young girl it was painful to see her dad come&go.Glad you're all so passionate aboutthat s/l! XO
Poor Kate! I don't know if there is any actor who is fully up on their show history, which is often contradictory and subject to interpretation and fanwank.
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