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Nov 11 2013, 11:34 AM
I don't think Kate's view of Jack is that far off. Yes, Jack was held captive in Afghantistan for a long time, and they all assumed that he was off on some Australian adventure. But Jack chose to leave his family and go to Afghanistan in the first place. Granted, the use of the word "adventure" is not exactly appropriate for war coverage, but he did decide to put himself at risk, knowing it could affect his family. It's something many journalists wrestle with. And I could see how Abby would have a hard time squaring those emotions, and I think Kate plays that conflicted beat very well. In fact, I think Abby would make a good junior journalist character, in the mold of her parents.
And Jennifer chose to get involved in the organ thieves story, leading to her almost dying, which would have left Abigail and JJ completely parentless, since Jack was a hostage in Afghanistan at the time. Over the years, Jennifer's taken the same risks for journalism that Jack has, yet she never gets even a fraction of the grief and criticism he gets over it. When both halves of a couple engage in the same career-driven, high-risk behavior, they should both be held accountable for it. Just another of the longstanding double standards I've disliked when it comes to J&J and their history.
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