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Whatís Daniel up to?

Heís in martyr mode right now.
I am in serious martyr mode. Iíve got to get out of that right now. I need to start crusading for someone else beside myself if Iím doing that. At the moment heís going on a wild adventure with Nicole to try and clear Ericís name. That takes a lot of different unexpected twists and turns.

We keep hearing 'unexpected.'
Letís put it this way. I read every script. I havenít read Monday yet because Iím never quite sure what kind of fire Daniel is going to put out that day. I mean, heís intertwined with Jennifer, Jenniferís daughter, Theresa, Nicole, also Eric and he seems to be finding himself involved in everybodyís business but his own because heís always putting everyone else first. For better or worse.

Thereís some stuff coming up with Daniel and Nicole.
They do go on quite the adventure. We try to exonerate Eric. We jokingly called it ďGuns and NeedlesĒ at one point because weíve got guns and needles. Weíre hauling out all the artillery trying to make the situation good, but we find ourselves embroiled in some more trouble.

Whatís going to happen with Daniel and Jennifer?
She keeps trying to see the best in him. The problem is that he keeps lying to her about the situation with Theresa. Because everyone assumes the worst in Daniel and that heís a promiscuous person, he thought itíd be an easy sell to Jennifer. He didnít flat out say he slept with her; it was more of a ďyou do the mathĒ in hopes of trying to protect JJ. But Jennifer pushed him and pushed him trying to see the best in Daniel, and it makes it harder and harder for him to lie to her. Eventually, thatís going to come to a head.

We still donít know who Danielís father is.
I donít know. Itís so funny. They were toying with it with John Anistonís character because he knows more than heís letting on. But that ball is still in the air. How did Victor have a hand in it when you know heís the most conniving in daytime. He has to have a hand in how that came about. I donít know how soon that will come to light. I donít know the answer.

The show used a picture of Daniel with Melanie the other day. Is that a sign of anything coming?
No. Other than she did Addicts Anonymous with me. It was a blessing to go back to working with her and watch her create this character. There is nothing that I know of in the forseeable future. I think theyíre just trying to establish family and history which Days does a great job of doing. They incorporate those pictures that make a house feel like a home. It is odd sometimes. You see pictures that are relevant to storyline which is probably why youíre asking. All of a sudden if Iíve got stories involved in the Kiriakis mansion, youíll see pictures of Daniel and Parker. If Bradyís got stories there, youíll see pictures of Brady. Or my mom. Maggie. Her pictures will show up. Yeah, I donít know if thereís a particular rhyme or reason.

Is there anything else you can tell us?
Most of what I know I canít tell you.

Can you tell us about the other fraction then?
Someone tweeted out that everyone seems to be hanging out at Danielís apartment. Stuff used to always go down at the pier, right? Now itís at Danielís apartment because we donít have the pier set. When I open that door to Danielís apartment, itís always interesting because it could be anybody. But you know itís gonna be trouble. I donít even have to be there anymore!

Does Daniel miss surfing?
Yes! I have a little speech about that! I have a speech about how my parents used to take me surfing, and we had a beach house. I have a story with JJ about how my parents had a beach house and what it was like growing up. I had to do manual labor, and the handy man was a professional surfer who taught me how to surf after work. Yeah, he misses surfing and that lifestyle. That life and death thing he has kind of thing for. Thatís why heís a surgeon. He loves life on the edge whether itís surgery, life and death situations, or surfing. Itís like in this adventure heís having with Nicole. It puts them in a life or death situation. He has a pension for these things.

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