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Right now Theresa is in the hospital. What’s coming up?
What can I say? I don’t know how to answer this question. I don’t know what I’m really allowed to say. A lot of surprises are coming up. You’re going to see a lot of layers of Theresa that you haven’t seen before. Especially when her parents come to town.

What kind of layers?
Back story. You’re going to start to understand what motivates her. I think some of her demons inside are going to kind of come to the surface. I think there’s an opportunity to see Theresa more as a wounded bird. She’s not a victim by any means. But you’ll understand what drives her and motivates her in life more and more as time goes on.

What kinds of things will happen once she gets out of the hospital?
I can’t say. I don’t think I can give anything. I think you’d have to talk to Ken Corday because I always get in trouble for giving out spoilers. I learned my lesson with the Guy Wilson fiasco!

Theresa’s parents are coming to town in a couple of weeks.
We’ll talk about Charles Shaughnessy first. That’s my favorite show of all time. Even more than I Love Lucy which is my other favorite show. So working with him was really cool and kind of a geek out experience for me. Never in a million years as a girl growing up in Roanoke, Virginia did I think I’d be able to say that Mr. Sheffield was my dad. That was really exciting on a personal level. But then working with Patsy...I mean, Charles Shaughnessy is a fine actor for sure. But there’s something so becoming about Patsy Pease. I just feel emotional even talking about it. I feel like she, like Bradford Anderson on General Hospital, she has a way that she can make eye contact with you in a scene, and she can cut all the way through to the marrow. Like a sword. She’s got this power in her eyes that just brings me to tears. I felt so connected to her. She made me believe that I was Theresa, and she was my mom. She’s so brilliant. I really hope I get to work with her again. She’s so organic and raw and emotionally available and just grounded. She doesn’t overdramatize anything. She’s doesn’t overdo it. She’s not, like, soap opera big. She’s so subtle and real. I hope they bring her back as a permanent character. And Theresa needs some spankings.

Will we ever hear anything about Theresa’s siblings?
I hope so! I know a lot about Eve who is her half-sister obviously. And I know there’s an actor that I really want to play Andrew. I think it would be fun to have siblings. I trust the writers.

Have they been mentioned yet in anything you’ve done?
They haven’t. Something that Patsy, Charlie, and I all talked about was that the bread and butter of Kim and Shane was that they’re good people. They both had mistakes like we all have. No one in life is perfect. Everyone has something in their past that they regret. But at the very base of them, they’re good people. But they have such bad seeds! Eve is horrible! I don’t know about Andrew, but Theresa is...good lord! This is some bad gene mixing.

Is there anyone that you’ve worked with recently that you normally don’t work with?
I’ve really gotten to work the canvas. I feel like there’s very few people at this point that I haven’t worked with.

Anything else at all that you can tell us about what might be coming up?
Lots of sex.
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