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Spencer Hastings
Nov 11 2013, 02:00 PM
Aw, it's sad that she had to go to Twitter to clear things up. I just wish that the show would stop messing with history so much. Fans are quite sensitive to backstories and the history of Days. For them to have these actors tote the party line is really putting them in an uncomfortable situation. KM was just stating the storyline how she understood it.

Note: I would still like to present each actor with a Wikipedia print-out of their character's history. Just to save them from messes like this. :whistle:
Oh no. Please don't give them a Wikipedia print-out. Some character pages there have been tampered with, resulting in a twisting around of the truth and an attempt to tell it from a different angle. Anyone can go on the site and edit anything they want. There has to be a better place for people to get accurate histories of the characters.
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