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Whatís coming up for JJ?
Whatís about to air, or what Iím doing?

I canít really tell you what Iím doing. What's coming up? A cluster of lots of different drama. I kind of don't really know what to say.

Well, you were really popular on our board for a while, because you werenít much of a Daniel fan, but thatís changed now.
Heís not really a Daniel fan just yet. Heís thankful that Daniel isnít throwing him in jail. Daniel could totally mess with him, but for some reason....and I think I know what it is. I think Daniel was me when he was younger. He can relate and understands what I was going through and what I did. I think eventually heís a Daniel fan because he sees what a great guy he is, but not just yet. Thereís still some differences between the two of them.

Is Rory still around?
Yes. Heís still around. I love that guy. Itís sometimes difficult to keep a straight face when working with him.

Well, what can you tell us?
There is a love interest later on. I canít really give away the name or anything. Itís so difficult. Iím sorry. I hate to be a bummer.

When should we see that?
Probably in about three and a half or four months.

So thatís what youíre working on now.
Somewhat, yeah. Also, you know that Iím a musician. So letís just say that Iím very thankful for where they are taking my character.

Have you been able to mix it up with any different actors from who you usually work with?
A little bit. I was just working with Eric Martsolf, and I love working with that guy.

Youíre the second person to mention working with him today.
Oh yeah? Was it Jen?

No. It was Freddie. So now thereís three!
Oh! Yeah, the guy is phenomenal. It was even harder to keep a straight face with him. Heís such a funny guy.
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