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Nov 11 2013, 12:55 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepKate Mansi @KateMansi 4m
I got a LOTof tweets last night after the @DaytimeRoyalty interview.Just to clarify...I was addressing the question asked&what I first said

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 4m
was that I understand all your frustrations about the Jack s/l.I tried to handle it with as much sensitivity as possible-obviously it was

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 1m
I agree with that statement, but some of them are more diplomatic in their responses. I mean, Jen Lilley makes it sound like Kim & Shane were the coolest thing ever despite the fact that she might not know much about them.
It's probably a lot easier for her to sell that than it would be for KM, because Theresa is essentially a new character and her back story hasn't been fleshed out.

KM can't go overboard praising Jack when the show has established that Abby has serious issues with the things he's done.
Honestly, I think she's just following the party line about why Abby likes Dan. And that's fine. A lot of actors do it. But, I sure do like the interviews better when the actors are able to stand outside their character and call them a schmuck when they act like a schmuck.
Agreed. It's just that in this case, I don't think Abby is doing anything that she needs to be called out for.
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