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Brady had a bad day yesterday.
Did he? Gosh, what happened? I have no idea.

Just a little wedding mishap.
Oh, the whole seeing his fiance up on a monitor in the middle of a church while his brother had sex with her. Just another Friday in Salem. I play a guy that is just so unlucky in love. You canít help but root for the guy to find a woman that will just love him for who he is and not have some manipulative agenda. But itís one of the basic ingredients of soap opera. You have manipulative women, and you have to have not so bright gentlemen. Because if they gentlemen were smart, the show would have ended 48 years ago. So Iím happy to take the fall to create soap drama.

We keep hearing about some kind of addiction story coming up.
Heís an addict. I think weíre going to learn that substances arenít his only addiction. Itís interesting how addicts can be addicted to many things. They can be addicted to sex, power, substances, women...so the show actually explores how deep of an addict Brady really is. Heís going to hit one of the darkest times in his life coming up. The downfall for this episode is almost as interesting as the event itself. And Days of Our Lives is so good at creating these bombs that go off in town, and then mixing the pot up. So once fans get really comfortable with certain pairings, the show goes no, no, no. Brady has new lily pads that he jumps to. He doesnít necessarily open his heart up, but heís opening up his mind, his wallet, and his lifestyle to new things. Thatís as cryptic as I can be.

A lifestyle change?
He starts wearing plaid. He wears a lot of khaki. I donít know.

We just recently found out that John is back.
Iím glad Drake Hogestyn is coming back to the canvas. Heís a good human being. Heís a good guy. Iím glad to see him working because he brings an element definitely to Bradyís story that is necessary right now. Any father after something like this goes down would come back to town and see whatís going on.

But apparently he doesnít come back until a few months later.
Thereís a little bit of time. We want to watch Brady take a big fall just before he comes back. His dad does come back, and despite their tumultuous relationship, thereís love underneath. Itís nice to see a father and son dynamic; although rocky, itís necessary.

Three people that you donít usually work with have told us today that theyíve been working with you.
Really? Iíd love to know who.

It was Freddie, Jen, and Casey. Can you tell us anything about that?
Nice. Thatís interesting. Two boys and one girl. And young bucks, too. Can I tell you anything about that? What do you mean?

Why are you hanging out with the kids?
Because I act like a kid. I have a lot of youthful vitality. Well, I have twin boys that are seven, so Iím basically a little kid in a big boyís body. But I would venture to say that JJ and Brady do have some things that are similar. Actually, so do Theresa and Brady. Everyone is on drugs in that town. Whatís going on with that? But Freddie...I donít know. If Sonny is looking for a new boyfriend, I donít know if Brady is the way to go.

You did say Brady has a lifestyle change coming.
Oh, lifestyle change! Whatís funny about our show is that just when you think you know whatís going on, you donít know whatís going on.

Is there anything else you want to share?
Other than the fact that a lot fans here today have asked me when dark Brady is returning. Heís like his own character. Like Batman or something. Heís coming. Itís not a mystery. Heís going to go down a very dark path. Itís a lot of fun to play. Heís not burying anybody, but heís definitely going to be burying some relationships and forming some new ones.
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