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We hear youíre going to be on a lot more than you have been.
Which isnít that much! So I donít know what that tells you.

More than two times a month?
More than two times a month. And multiple storylines, so thatís nice.

What will you be doing?
There are some new characters coming on that Iíll be working with. Some new storylines that theyíll be exploring. Definitely work a lot more with my mom, which I like. I have a little interaction with Sami and EJ. Not overboard. And when the new characters come in, Iíll actually get to work with Rafe some. Which is different.

Any time thereís an increase in your screen time, we automatically think thereís going to be something done with custody of Allie or her paternity.
I would say that was just kind of brushed over lightly. Not really filled in. So, no.

In whatís already aired or whatís to come?
Whatís aired is about the extent of it as far as fighting over the child. I think at this point Sami and Lucas are pretty mature about who they are to each other, so the last thing Lucas wants to do is keep separating family. In that instance it was just about her safety. There were things going on and he worried about her not being safe. Any dad would probably poke his nose in that if he had to. But itís not a card he pulls to use in the future.

What about paternity?
I think thatís always a hook in the water to see if a fish bites. But again. Weíre four months ahead, and that hasnít been an issue.

Thereís a new Will. Tell us about that.
Guy is great. He is a little...heís kind of similar to Chandler in some ways. As people, theyíre pretty similar, but they play the character in totally different ways. Dramatically different. Different pace. Different type of vibe. Both are great. Chandler is Mr. Emmy. Canít touch that guy. But Guy has already made it his own. I think itís like Eric Martsolf. Someone else played the character, but once he took it over, it was his.

Will the dynamic between Lucas and Will change?
A little bit more distant. A little bit more...Iím not as hands on as I had to be. Heís not into as much negativity. Heís going on a good path, so Lucas is hands off and letís him do his own thing.

So you were working a lot at one point. Has that continued?
Yep. Still working steady.

Are you still recurring?
Still on recurring. Which I donít care about as long as Iím being used. I donít need a contract to tell me anything. Although, it does help when you go buy something like a house or a car. You can actually believe that you have a job. So I would say thatís been the hardest thing is not having that just in life. But outside of that I donít care as long as Iím being used. Itís a hard thing to rely on, and you have to take it week by week. Itís kind of like being an out of work actor again because Iím waiting on call times and stuff, but it keeps it fresh and exciting and makes me want to do the best I can each time I go out there. I kind of like the pressure.

Any possibility of a love interest?
Well, well, well. Isnít that a good question? I canít answer that directly, but I can say that the characters coming in might have something to do with that.

Is there anything else youíd like to share?
Weíre not alone in the universe. Thereís definitely aliens out there, and I donít want people to flip out when they come. Thatís all.
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