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Nov 11 2013, 03:30 PM
I thought Jennifer's mourning period was shameful...but Abigail's didn't bother me. I think the huge difference for me is I expect that young people can mourn a lost parent yet still move forward in life and accept the changes they face. However, when you lose a spouse or significant other - particularly one you've spent years with - I can't even wrap my head around being open to the next romance before the funeral even happens.

I thought they did a decent job of showing Abby dealing with her grief from time to time - with JJ, with Chad, etc. It felt to me like the only time it came up with Jennifer was when JJ threw it in her face.
I actually have more of an issue with Abby's mourning period than Jen's (and neither of them bother me as much as they seem to bother everyone else). I never got the feeling that Jen got engaged to Jack because she still felt that bond with him. It was really more like Daniel had removed himself from the equation and Jack was there and willing, so why not? And once Jack died, she was upset, but it was easy to pick up where she left off with Daniel, because he still had her heart.
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