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I checked out Kate's timeline, it doesn't seem like she was being attacked to me... it seemed more like Jack fans explaining their POVs. I don't have a problem with that. If people were being downright rude about it I would though. I personally did not like Mansi's answers in the interviews, but I can't really fault her all that much because she's basically being consistent with the faulty image the show has projected: that Jack set off on adventures, which never even happened.

I didn't really expect her to downright contradict her employers, but I don't know... maybe show a little more sensitivity? Especially on the question where DR asked her Abby's grief being practically nonexistent and she replies: "Yeah, sure. What bothers me is that my character rides elevators." She seems like a sweet person though, and it's nice to know she pays attention to what the fans have to say.

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