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Spencer Hastings
Nov 12 2013, 11:43 AM
Hes not really a Daniel fan just yet.

....yet is all that I see. It's coming.

Interesting that he's working with EM and he kind of let it slip that JL is as well..

I really do like CM. I was worried about another model turned actor, but he's been fabulous. And really, really nice to look at.
The sad thing is that I was interested in JJ Deveraux--at least to some extent. I don't know that it would have made me a regular viewer again, but the character's potential was so rich. Alas, I have no fucks to give about JJ "Wanna-Be-Jonas," and I have a sinking feeling that's where the show is headed under this regime. Killing off Jack so Daniel could get his family on a silver platter will never sit well with me, any more than killing off Nicole's unborn baby so Jennifer could get her ex-boyfriend back ever will.

CM sounds like a nice kid with some genuine talent. Too bad his character's now been placed on the Daniel-propping rotation.
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