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Nov 12 2013, 12:46 PM
Nov 12 2013, 12:39 PM
The last two episodes has PROVEN to me that TomSell DO have potential...they DO know how to deliver...now they just have to learn how to do that or the other 10-11 months out of the year.

If they can write and produce what they have the last two days...WHY is it so hard for them to follow through on a daily basis.
because they don't care enough to put this much effort into all their shows. I wouldn't be surprised if TomSell were told by the NBC PTB to do whatever they could to make Kristen's exit memorable and intense.
How many characters have left during TomSell's writing period? How many of them have gotten even 1/2 the exit Kristen's getting?

that said, we can't give TomSell all the credit. The breakdown writers & script writers deserve a good chunk of the credit.
Not to mention, the actors. They are SELLING it. Seriously, even just people who haven't done much. I thought James did good at the church, with EJ trying to stand by his sister as father's taught him. I thought Kristian was hilarious with her looking at the video. I thought Suzanne was good as Maggie realized that Victor had betrayed Marlena to the core. They all pretty much sold it from the moment it started. Normally, we forget to appreciate the crew, but I really feel the actors do actually deserve credit. And they all had good moments. Greg was perfect pretty much from beginning to end, Eric was great at the mansion yesterday, Eileen had some great scenes at the church too, Deidre had some beautiful scenes with Greg and I thought she was beautifully nuanced between angry and funny Thursday and Friday. I thought John Aniston, who's always a cool cat, was snarkier and funnier than he normally is.
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