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Nov 12 2013, 02:48 AM
Nov 12 2013, 02:33 AM
So this interview and Blake's interview were about 20 minutes before the Q&A. I'm telling you this because they went out of their way not to tell us what was coming up, then we walked out said, had a 20 minute Q&A, and then watched the promo...where it showed what was coming up, lol.
LOL, I don't get that at all. You'd think they'd clear the actors to talk about anything that's going to be in the promo so they can, you know, promote those stories. SMDH.

Anyway, CB and Gabj have grown on me some. I hated Gabi going into this year and now I either tolerate or like her in most of her scenes, so that's a major improvement. I'm still skeptical that CB has enough charisma/presence to make it in primetime, but best of luck to her.
I've grown to enjoy Camilla's Gabi too for the most part. I think mostly because CB's acting really improved this past year. Perhaps Gabi can return if CB doesn't make it in prime time. Gabi is Ari's Mom, so maybe she'll still have place on the canvas down the line.
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