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He's good and bad. The bad decisions include (1) the handling of the ONE LIFE 3 and bringing 'em back as Kiki, Silas & Franco, imho, all 3 fail (2) the axing of legacy character Steven Lars Webber played by Scott Reeves (if they didn't like Reeves, they could've re-cast) (3) saying ONE LIFE's Tomas Delgado may be Alcazar!!!??? (4) Killing off Cole & Hope Thornhart, (5) Killing off Tea & Victor's baby, Victor Jr (5) Killing off Connie, (6) Bringing back AJ from the dead, making his character a helluva lot better then ruining the character again (7) having Michael like AJ & Sonny (8) spoiled brat Morgan is being written stupidly, joining forces with the Jeromes? WTF??! (8) The handling of Genie Francis(Laura) (9) Forcing Sabrina & Felix down our throats (10) the quicky setting a wedding date of Sabrina & Patrick....and on & on.

Good decisions, mainly bringing back faves and usually a well rounded featuring of characters.

He's like Connie/Kate. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes what the fuck?!?!?
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