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I agree, and it's really sad. Short-sighted, too. With Sonny being Kiriakis and Johnson, both families with complicated histories and family dynamics, Sonny could be a really complex character. Should be more of a complex character. I know these writers aren't strong on characterization, but come on...at least try.
I agree about the shortsightedness of isolating Sonny from his family, but I buy the good Sonny characterization. He's Adrienne's son after all. When she first met Justin, (all praise to the invaluable Youtube) she struggled a lot with his association with Victor, so, it's totally believable that she raised her kids to be good and decent.
I get what you're saying. For me, I don't think complexity equals being a bad guy though. Just let us see him making some decisions in his life that stem from something, anything to do with him and not him reacting to Will, just for an example. But I think Freddy's right. Let's see Sonny deal with maybe not always being so good and right. I want to see how, and why he maintains his integrity in the face of challenges from his family pressures.

I'm probably not explaining myself well, but I think there's more that could be done with Sonny than what he's been seen so far.
You are explaining yourself very well. And I absolutely agree with you. I would love for Sonny to have his OWN s/l separate from Will. The writers can make that happen if they just connected Sonny to his family. Victor was impressed with Sonny and they seem to have a warm and great relationship, why not explore that further? I just hate that he interacts with EJ and Sami or even Kate more than he interacts with his own parents. Maybe that will change. I am encouraged by John Aniston's interview. He said that he will be working with Will and Sonny.
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