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She was hillarious on WWHL.

I nearly spat out my ice cream when she said Mohammad said her pussy smelled. And I couldn't tell is Mark was confirming this in a backhanded way.

But yeah, it seems like everyone is coming forward to playing Find the Hole with Joanna. They can't all be liars. And as gross as Joe Francis is, the fact that he did bed one sister gives him some credibility to have bedded the second afterall. I really do like Joanna, but she'd be much better off just admitting her flings. It's expected that one of the biggest models on the internet would have a past.

She's really not doing too well at this reunion. Going after Lisa's infertility issues was low, and Adrianna totally pwned her when it came to Romain. Havent we all had that gay thought about Romain atleast once to explain why he won't touch her? She also should have reigned in her makeup artist, that scene at the end was just an embarassment. Why do the gay sidekicks always act like retards once they get around a camera? (ATL excluded) This one seemed hand picked from the Jeana Keough collection.

I couldn't believe Adrianna had the gall to say that Lea donated to the school and not directly to her, even when that donation kept her son in said school. Crazy town. I was also disapointed in Lea's silence when it came to Lisa/Joanna, especially when Joanna was so clearly out of line. She's still tight with Lisa, but it's interesting to see her doing this year what Adrianna did last year when it came to her and Ana. That was enough for Lea to cut her out. Very interesting ......
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