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Nov 13 2013, 12:59 AM
Nov 13 2013, 12:52 AM
The one truth is that John has only been with other women when he couldn't have Marlena.
Yes and no.

Its not like he said - well, I can't have Marlena. I'll have the runner-up!

Which is exactly how that statement comes off, regardless of intention. His relationships with these other women has value outside of his love for Marlena. They weren't placeholders. Yes, he couldn't have Marlena. But these women were attempts to move on without her, not attempts to replace her, or bide time until they could be together.
IMO, it was like that. That doesn't mean he didn't love them, but had Marlena been alive, he wouldn't have been with them in the first place. It was his attempt to move on from the love of his life, but when she came back, he wanted to be with her. That's just what happened. He only moved on in 1993 after Marlena told him she couldn't destroy her family. She couldn't break Sami, Carrie and Roman's hearts just because she loved him. They had several conversations about it. She said Roman had lost so much, she couldn't allow him to lose her too. And then Sami switched the paternity, which made it a done deal. Marlena had moments of wanting to leave Roman for John, the showed clearly the doubts and the want for a life with John.

John said so many times in 1995, 1996 and 1997. He loved Marlena, we saw it, he talked to Abe, Bo, Hope, anybody but Marlena and Kristen, basically, about it. And then he said outright that he couldn't destroy Marlena's chance to have her children's love. He felt guilty over destroying her family with the affair. So "we take love where we can get it." John's words, maybe one's not the exact word, but that was the gist.

Again, that doesn't mean he didn't love them, but not all love is true love. And the point being that had Kristen not hidden that letter, none of it would have happened. If she believed John loved her as she claimed, why wouldn't he be with her even if she didn't hide the letter and Marlena knew? SHE made the choices, that then had the consequences it did.
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