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Brady is an addict, though. (To love, to drugs, etc.) If he doesn't see Kristen again and she just disappears, I can see him looking for her. He's been clinging so hard to this idea of Kristen, even in the face of everyone telling him what a mistake it is, and I just can't picture him letting it go so easily without any answers directly from her.

I can also see this being something that torments him. He's lost several women abruptly and he's awfully screwed up because of it. Now he's taken Kristen back and tried to get married to her twice, only to have it fall apart. The last thing he heard from her was a lie about what happened with Eric. The only way I can see him letting it go without a fight is if he heard it directly from her lips. Then he'd just drink/drug himself into a stupor, but at least the lack of closure wouldn't haunt him.
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