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I don't want to get into a huge debate about this here, but if you actually go back and watch the story, Kristen first felt threatened and realized john still loved Marlena back when John was almost executed. She manipulated Marlena into keeping her feelings for John to herself when John would try to tell Marlena how he felt. He didn't want to get back together with Kristen but Kristen pushed Marlena, using her guilt about the affair, ect, to push john away and back into Kristen's arms. It was way before Kristen was pregnant. Unlike your take on it, Marlena was never sniffing around and trying to take John away. It was the opposite. Kristen knew John loved Marlena more than her, yet she decided to try to get pregnant anyway. Btw, Marlena found the letter before she found out Kristen was pregnant. All of the things Kristen did, she did to herself. She lost the baby because of her own reckless behavior... John didn't want her to come to Paris because he knew it would be dangerous, but Kristen was too paranoid to not go and showed up there, and went chasing around in the tunnels because she chose to. So, again I go back to...what kind of woman wants a man who loves another woman MORE than you?
You aren't wrong. Even in the beginning Kristen wasn't innocent. And yes, she should've had enough self respect to let John go and find someone else whose affection she didn't have to share with other women, but just because she chose to stay and fight doesn't mean she's the only one whose hands were dirty. Why did John never have to take responsibility for letting Kristen believe he loved her and wanted to be with her when behind her back he was having conversations with Abe about how much he wished he could be with Marlena instead? What about all the fantasizing he did about Marlena when he was in bed with Kristen telling her how much he loved her and wanted to build a family with her?

And Marlena -- why did she think it was Kristen's duty to just step aside and let the former lovers fall into another affair? I don't know any woman in Kristen's position who would've been like, "Hey Marlena, check out this letter. The man I'm planning to marry says he loves you, isn't that great!?" Yet Marlena acted like Kristen committed the ultimate sin by hiding the letter. Then the threats started: "As soon as your baby is born I'm going to John and I'm telling him I love him and he will leave you so fast your head will spin." - "Your time with him will be short, we both know that." I mean, damn. All that just because Kristen wouldn't step aside and let Marlena have first dibs?
Are you kidding me? Marlena never acted the way you portray her. John wasn't committed to Kristen after Aremid. He was free to choose Marlena if she wanted him. However, Kristen began to manipulate both of them to keep them apart. Because she knew John was questioning their relationship because if her lack if trust during the trial. John told her he needed to think things over. So, when you say Marlena expected Kristen to let J&M to get back together to have an affair again... They were both free. Kristen ended that by getting Marlena to tell john she had moved on. Kristen lied to Marlena and played on her guilt. You need to go watch all that post Aremid stuff.

The reason Marlena was upset about the letter was because it proved to her that Kristen had been manipulating her all along. Again go watch this stuff again. Marlena had every right to be angry.

As for John, you get no argument from me about him not coming clean to both Marlena and Kristen about his true feelings. But even that is kind of Kristen's doing. If she had not manipulated Marlena, J&M could have admitted their true feelings and John would have left Kristen. He wasn't commuted to her.

And I will also say that John, besides being written as stupid, he was weak as well. He should have left Kristen anyway, even if Marlena "still just wanted to be friends". He could have survived alone. But of course it's classic Reilly.
And, it's kind of become classic John, too. John, IMO, because of his history of not knowing who his family was, craves to feel love and care. Whether or not he loves them is another discussion and he tries to convince himself he does ;)
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