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Nov 6 2013, 07:07 AM
Dang it. Soapnet is how Im able to watch both GH and Days in the evenings. I dont have DVR service.
Go to your local Goodwill store and grab a $10-15 VCR. Try to find one with a dedicated remote. If there are no remotes, find a model that clearly has a MENU button on the actual unit so that you can set the time and timer. Usually there are $1 blank VHS around as well, though you can grab any VHS movie tape (for what, 33 cents these days?), slap some tape across the little "hole" and record away.

Comcast charges $12/month for their DVR service. I always have a spare VCR when they inevitably die. You can get a "new" one from a thrift store every month and still be ahead of the game.
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