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Nov 14 2013, 02:32 PM
That was such a great interview with Freddie and Judi. You can tell how great they get along and how tight they are. It's too bad Days doesn't show more of Sonny with his parents on the show. I know fans may see it different when it plays out but he seems really psyched about how talented Guy is. And I'm hoping also they give Sonny more of a lead role now that he's the only original young guy left on the show. That is, besides Blake but I fear he's next.
And you know he is ready for taking more of a role too despite being in the show for two years where he didn't get much to do. There is certainly potential story lines that can be driven by him. He has this whole past that is unknown, ex boyfriends, his family and even his business.

Thankfully nabi are on their way out so what are they going to do with them. They could keep them back burned like now and get them only involved with other characters story lines (which personally I think would be much better then they are now because at least those characters won't be nabi, hopefully) but that can't last. I guess Will can always get involved in sami's mess and drag Sonny alone.

Seriously show, you have something potentially good and interesting with this couple and these two characters, stop trying to half-ass their story and characterization. They only put them up front when they want to get attention by do coming out, first time or wedding stories with them then they hide them for the rest of the time.

Gays, what gays? Calm down bigots. We don't have gay guys in love, is just two dudes hanging out. See they call each other bros and dudes, see nothing to get offended. Move along but make sure to keep watching. No gays remember that.
Couple months later they like we need attention and won some more Glaad awards. What should we do. I got it. its WEDDING TIME.

Sorry, I'm just annoyed and this is my lame ass humor.

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