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Lisa didn't deny it on twitter, neither did Yolanda, but neither confirmed it either. Lisa said she knows Mohammed to be a gentleman. And, in typical backhanded Lisa fashion, that the story was "fishy". To which Yolanda then tweeted that today's reality news wraps tomorrows fish.

I can only imagine Joanna was dying at all of the fish references. :lol:

But lets be objective here. I get the standard Brandi hate, but is it possible to take the high road with Joanna Krupa? Brandi vs Joanna was never going to be classy, ever. It's a trucker fighting a sailor in a highway strip joint.

The real question - how are Brandi and Yolanda? Rumor mill says not good, and it's not surprising given Yolanda's personality. The higher you climb the farther you fall indeed.
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