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Here is what I posted on another post in this thread regarding this subject:

Well see the show doesn't give a shit about history. Marlena raised Brady as her own son, and loved him as her own. She has loved him as much as she has loved her own kids. At one time Brady called Marlena "mommy" before he was aged. And while Kyle Lowder was still playing the role, he called Marlena "mom" after all the animosity between them was resolved.
Marlena is his mother in every way that counts! I hate that Brady never refers to Marlena as his "stepmother" but as his "dad's wife". Yet, he considers Marlena's biological children his "brother and sisters" not "step".
It's ridiculous! :censored: :facepalm:

Now I can understand why Carrie never called Marlena mom, because she had her mom Anna around too. Although Carrie considered Marlena her mother in every way and has definitely treated her better than both Sami and Brady have over the years. :wub:

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