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I don't know much about such things, but wouldn't there be some kind of time stamp on the video? And doesn't the video prove they were in the hotel bedroom? What other time did Eric ever check into that hotel?
Time stamps aren't really solid proof of anything, because they can be altered. Also, Eric could have gone to the hotel multiple times under an assumed name, like Kristen did. That's what I would do if I were a priest looking to break my vows and I lived on church grounds.
Don't most hotels have surveillance cameras? And also, wouldn't he have alibi's for most of his time? It was at the state capital and it took travel time to get there. And there's also lie detector tests (not that those can be admitted in evidence--but there won't be any trial anyway).

Ok, I'm running out of ideas! :blulaugh:
I'm guessing the hotel doesn't have surveillance cameras or doesn't save the video for long, because if they did, why didn't the PI get the video for Eric and figure out Kristen was at the hotel, a long time ago? Not sure how far away the capital is. Nicole made it there over the course of an episode. If it's just an hour away, Eric could have easily slipped out during the night and returned without anyone missing him. Then there's the issue that when he's not doing church stuff, he's usually with a friend or relative, who would probably be willing to lie on his behalf. Good on you for trying to find a way for him to clear himself, though. ;)
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