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That said, the custody story is still terrible. Utterly misconceived from the start.

And even though I am late to the party on this one, I LOVED the fallout of everyone finding out about Julian's real identity. Alexis is going to fight it tooth and nail, but she and Julian are HOT HOT HOT.

On the Morgan vs Michael front, I am Team Morgan. I love him with Ava and I love him on Team Jerome. I do not accept for a second that Sonny is in any way morally superior to Ava or Julian. I don't hate Sonny and I have been enjoying watching him in this story and probably will continue to, but I would LOVE to see the Jeromes turn the tables on him and knock him off of his lofty perch as Mob King of Port Charles.

Morgan can be a bit whiny at times and it can wear thin, but it is completely offset by how sanctimonious and self-righteous Michael is. I'm sick of Michael and Kiki sitting astride their high horse like they aren't equals to Morgan and the Jeromes in every way. They completely approve of what Sonny does and are trying to help him - with Kiki betraying her mother exactly as Morgan has betrayed Sonny, which somehow isn't supposed to be a problem - so they get no support from me. At least Morgan isn't pretending to be anything he isn't. Michael, meanwhile, is repeatedly playing the "noble and mature" card, and it's very grating.
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