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S loves EJ

Nov 14 2013, 08:45 PM
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Nah. That sort of thing has never been treated as rape before, so there's no reason to start now.
at 9:37

Oh, I know Days tried to change things up during the R2 story in their quest to kill EJami and sell safe. I'm not buying it though. They did that same story too many times in the past without calling it rape, so if it wasn't rape then, it's it's not now, AFAIC. So what they need to do is ignore the stunt they tried to pull.

I believe itīs rape even if the show hasnīt called it that, but Iīm not sure if EJ understood that so I just see him quilty of rape to a lesser degree. I agree however that it was an attempt to kill Ejami and to sell Safe therefore I canīt take it to seriously.
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