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but his tie to Sami even during that time was evident....he put someone in Sami's bed...not anyone else's.....that didn't even need to happen....but the tie to Sami was there....even when he was professing his love for Nicole, he screwed Sami...it's why I will never, ever like Ejole.
Apparently I have a more rigid definition of what it means to be "saddled to Sami" than you do. Their stories intersected during those times and they shared scenes off and on, but for the most part, they were living separate lives. I remember us all being shocked at the griefsex kiss in the November promo because EJ and Sami had pretty pretty much zero interaction leading up to it. And they had very little interaction afterwards as well.

For example, it's like Sami and Rafe since their break up. Rafe was integral to Sami's summer story, and they've interacted after the breakup, but I don't think anyone would claim either one of them were "saddled" to the other one.
The only way I can do this is comparing what is happening now with GG...for example...Rafe is completely out of the story with Sami....no interaction except for maybe a token scene every few months....I would say since May there really has been nothing to tie Sami to his story.....the shooting was happening but the guy was asleep in a coma....however, you still have that connection in the event they need to bring it back it's there.....however....he's completely outside of that circle...no longing looks, nothing to signify that he might still be harboring feelings for her....no flip the switch moments, etc. Now he's even started a new romantic story with another female. Same thing happened with Lucas back in late 2008...he was completely outside of Sami's orbit into Chloe's and that somehow lasted about a year and then nothing. With EJ during all that time they not only kept that 'sort of romantic' tie to Sami going and it might have been in their plan because Ejami had not had a reciprocal romantic story yet, so maybe that dynamic changes when/if they break up in the future.....now that they've had a chance to get that done.....it's like Lumi for a good 8 years before they decided to get rid of Lucas the first time....but the connection with Sami was still there to the very end and within 8 months he was back and the connection hadn't been minimized in any way...but it was also similar to the years that Ejami were not done in a romantic sense.....Lumi were not done in a romantic sense for 10 years...so the tie to Sami needed to exist in the event the show ever wanted to go that romantic route for them.

I don't think James is the kind of guy to talk about airtime, but he did reach out to his fans when contract negotiations weren't going well for him....so he does it in another way and it just happened to work that time. I will say though, that for a guy that had been consistently on the leader board for the majority of his time on Days...the last few years of him not being #1 in epi counts has been refreshing....he might not complain about it because his epi count hasn't been considerably reduced.....sure he might have gone from a 4 epi guarantee to a 3 epi guarantee but at least he hasn't suffered like GG who seems to have gone from a 4 epi guarantee to a 2 epi one........and obviously we all know what happened with BD who went from contract to recurring in no time.
See, I completely disagree that they kept the romantic tie between EJ and Sami going throughout EJ's entire run. He had a several month long stretch where he was completely about Taylor, then completely about Nicole, and there were no bones thrown at ejami. I mean, I love the official story that he did love her the entire time, but I saw indifference between them during that period.
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