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Here are a bunch of the tweets -- I think the explanation is that they're both kind of douche-y.

Never! I tried,they wanted me 2 play J.G. on drums with R.S. Legacy too important to me. RT @maddiebullock19 come back to #GH ?

@JohnStamos @maddiebullock19 I'm sure I will be shouted down by 1.3M people, but this is a total mischaracterization of what occurred.

RT @carlivatiron was your big idea for me to play drums on jessie's girl with @RICKSPRINGFIELD at nurses ball?? yes or no?

@JohnStamos Let it go, John.

@JohnStamos If you want to have a real conversation about it, I'm open. But I'm not going to have my words twisted on Twitter.

I feel like Elaine Benes at a cock fight. How did I get here?

And he must have deleted a few because there was one where he asked Stamos if he wanted to make out.
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