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this whole "We must team up to keep Gabi from moving to NYC" storyline is so stupid. It's just another way to make Gabi look evil, & continue writing Wilson as high & mighty. So what if Nick was the one behind getting Gabi the job in NYC. If she didn't want it, she didn't have to take it. Wilson need to just go sit down. Yes, Arianna is Will's biological child, but Gabi is the mother, and if she wants to take her to NYC, she can. It's not like she's moving 1/2 way around the world. NYC & Salem aren't that far away. If Wilson acted like normal humans & not entitled ones, they'd realize that they could probably sit down with Gabi & figure out some sort of visitation schedule. Besides which, didn't Will just come back from a trip to California regarding a writing job (or something like that)? Why is he allowed to go to California, but Gabi isn't allowed to go to NYC??
Seriously. This drives me crazy, and I don't even like Gabi. That baby is not legally bound to Salem.
Apparently, whatever Wilson want, Wilson must get. When did Will & Sonny become such sanctimonious asses???
Seriously?? First of all, that's not even close to a fair comparison. Will went to California for a week, he didn't move there. Second, I personally consider 800 miles a little far away. I am also bothered by your terminology. "Arianna is Will's biological child, but Gabi is the mother", like Will is just a sperm donor not her father and Gabi's relationship with Ari is the only one that matters. Also, you say Will should get "visitation" with his daughter. No, it should be joint and equal custody, half of the year with Gabi and half with Will. Will and Sonny are being accused of being entitled before they even know the truth about this modeling contract. Gabi, on the other hand, knows what it entails and didn't say a word. She could also realize that they could probably sit down and figure out a custody agreement. I bet if Will got offered a scholarship to Berkley and he and Sonny decided to move to California and take Ari with them, you wouldn't say "if he wants to take her to Cali, he can and Gabi needs to just go sit down." And guess what, I would agree with you. Neither one should be able to do that. I don't consider Will not wanting Gabi to move with Ari to NY being entitled, I call it being a loving father who doesn't want to be separated from his daughter. I find it amazing people are finding fault with that especially, as I referenced above, if it was Will considering taking Ari away, he and Sonny would be considered even bigger "asses".
Arianna's still an infant. She's still being breastfed, which is why her needing to be with Gabi trumps her need to be with Will. I never said that Will's relationship with Ari doesn't matter. However they're acting like she shouldn't take the modeling contract because that would mean that Ari would no longer be with them all the time. Also, she signed the contract earlier in the day. It's not like she's been hiding the fact that she's moving to NYC for weeks on end. Was she supposed to call them the millisecond she finished crossing every Ts & dotting every I? Or was she supposed to consult them prior to signing the contract to see if she had their approval to pursue modeling again?
There's nothing wrong with Will being a loving father who dislikes the idea of being separated from his daughter, but the fact that he & Sonny go along with Sami (who really needs to butt out of her grown son's life - but that's a different discussion altogether) to plot against Gabi & basically force her to stay in Salem, thus keeping Ari in Salem does make him an ass. Has he even read the contract, or did he just see that she signed one? Maybe the contract is only for a few months. Also, what if Will had been offered an amazing job in California while he was there? We can't know if he wouldn't have taken the job & told Gabi that he was hoping they would all move to California with him. And we can't know if he would've said no to the job because Ari & Gabi were in Salem.
Visitation schedule = custody agreement, in my prior statement.
What exactly is 800 miles away? Salem & NYC? Salem doesn't even exist in a specific state, so you can't say exactly how far it is between the two. What we do know is that Salem & NYC aren't that far away.
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