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Nov 16 2013, 12:25 AM
this whole "We must team up to keep Gabi from moving to NYC" storyline is so stupid. It's just another way to make Gabi look evil, & continue writing Wilson as high & mighty. So what if Nick was the one behind getting Gabi the job in NYC. If she didn't want it, she didn't have to take it. Wilson need to just go sit down. Yes, Arianna is Will's biological child, but Gabi is the mother, and if she wants to take her to NYC, she can. It's not like she's moving 1/2 way around the world. NYC & Salem aren't that far away. If Wilson acted like normal humans & not entitled ones, they'd realize that they could probably sit down with Gabi & figure out some sort of visitation schedule. Besides which, didn't Will just come back from a trip to California regarding a writing job (or something like that)? Why is he allowed to go to California, but Gabi isn't allowed to go to NYC??
I do agree about Sami. Once again this is all about her. Will, Gabi and Sonny are grown adults. Sami's involvement should be minimal at best but of course this going to be largely about her. But I disagree about the rest of what you are saying. Gabi has rights but so does Will. Gabi needs to grow up and quit acting like her normal selfish and immature self What is in the best interest of her child is not moving away to New York on her own. She will not be able to devote the time to Ari in that type of job. Ari would be better off in Salem with Will and Sonny, who can devote more time to her. Even if Gabi doesn't decide to move to NY, she is contemplating it and owed it to Will to be up front to to him. I hope this makes Will realize that maybe custody needs to be established because as it is right now, Gabi can up and go any time she wants to with Gabi. If Gabi was truly putting the best interest of Ari first, she would sit down and have a mature conversation with Will about this and they could jointly discuss what's best for Ari. Instead she neglected to tell Will the entire truth.

I have issues also with people acting like Will is just a sperm donor and Gabi can do whatever she wants because she is the mother. Things are different today. Many fathers are the ones that spend the most time with their children and can take better care of them vs. the mother. Plus the legal system may not be completely equal but it's not just an automatic that the mother wins out anymore.

Though, I get the feeling it won't even matter. She will probably be attacked by Nick and all of this will be forgotten. Just as Will and Sonny will probably fight over this and it will all be blown over as if it never happened. I get the feeling Sonny is going to be pissed at Will for once again not fighting and right away saying he will move to NY. While that is thinking of Ari first, that is something he should be talking to Sonny about first, especially since it seems they soon going to be engaged. Will should realize or at least consider that it's in Ari's best interest to be in a loving home with him and Sonny that are in a committed relationship and can devote the time to Ari that she needs and also allow her to be around other family members that can also look after Ari.
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