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Nov 15 2013, 03:09 PM
Nik/Britt kiss :cheer: :wub:

Nov 15 2013, 06:21 PM
Michael and KiKi are not getting better in time, are they?

The scene where she is trying to rescue him at the pier was so damned laughable!

Nov 15 2013, 09:07 PM
WTH is Lulu thinking?!....lying on the witness stand. BAD. BAD. BAD. :facepalm:

I liked Sabrina & Carlos but not so much now. He's a stalker.

I'm gradually becoming a Brik fan, however they're rushing the relationship. Kissing; barely knowing each other.

The Brik scene was sweet and romatic, period. :wub: :cheer: Nik finally has a relationship were there is no competition for Britt feelings. Brad is gay and Patrick is going to be back with his wife. So far, Britt has not mention Patrick and stay focused on Nik.
Brik are not being rushed, IMO. They have been going through some things together and trying to look beyond their parents history to be a better human being. I loved how Nik was surprised by his feelings.
Brik will always be million times better than NIZ.

I was hoping that both drowned and was willing to throw Morgan a parade, LOL.

The custody trail is a complete failure because the judge had no paternity/maternity test done for Connie. The contract became null and void when Maxie substituted her baby for Dante/Lulu child.
All the testimony was based on hearsay without any compelling facts and Diane not cross examining Liz was just plain stupid.

Can't really feel sorry for Dr.O. She knows that Faison will always love Anna Devane over her. Any self respecting woman would have capped him when he suggested that she put on the Anna mask in the bedroom.
The same thing goes for Carly.
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