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For Season 4 of Miami, I only want to see Lisa, Joanna, Lea and Marysol return, along with two new housewives. Lisa vs. Joanna will obviously be Season 4's main storyline. Lea's position as friend to both will give her something to do. And I really do think Lea and Marysol's friendship could be saved. And that's the reason I'd like to see Marysol come back for another season as a main housewife. The woman is hilarious, so she'd bring the comedic factor, but we would need her away from Alexia and Adriana, and the Lea-bashing because that really did hurt Marysol this season. All of them being so bitter towards her. And I'd like to see Marysol agree to feature her business more, which producers could use to help introduce two new ladies to the group. Maybe they could find another Miami socialite that matches Lea that Marysol and the Patton Group could represent, which would bring this woman to the show. And maybe that woman would have a friend/sister/someone close to her that would take that sixth place on the show and make things a little more fresh.

Those are my dreams for Season 4: Lisa, Marysol, Joanna, Lea, nuHousewife 1 and nuHousewife 2.

I don't know, I just like when a season has six main housewives. Five doesn't seem like it's enough, and seven (or more) is way too much.
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