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I really do think losing Marysol and Ana as main housewives is what hurt Miami's third season. You go from the Season 2 reunion that really built up this blood rivalry between Ana and Lea and it really looked like we were going to see the two ladies going at it in the third season. And then, for whatever reason, although speculation is that Roy Black got involved and forced producers to downgrade Ana, legally, Ana was pushed to the side and barely had any kind of role on the show. She was the main catalyst for the witch-hunt for Lea Black, and she was no longer a relevant part. And it really hurt the storyline the producers put together as a result of it.

I will now always wonder what this season would've been like had Ana remained a main housewife, as intended. Joanna and Ana are still good friends. How does Lea respond to their friendship? What caused Ana and Marysol to have a falling out? Ana also said that she was invited to Adriana's wedding, and then uninvited shortly afterwards. What happened to Ana and Adriana that would force Adriana to un-invite Ana? Sounds like Ana had a lot to do with what we saw on-screen, but the real reason some of the stuff happened will never be fully explained because Ana was downgraded (essentially kicked off the show). Bravo can claim she was a "Friend of the Housewives" this season all they want, but we know FoHs get interviews, just like Marysol did. Ana got nothing.
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