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Nov 16 2013, 06:32 PM
I can't believe how much I detest Shawn Butler, a character I absolutely adored only a year ago.

I know what Jason's excuse was for becoming Sonny's hit man back in 1996 (he was brain dead) but did we ever get a plausible explanation on how this seemingly good man went to the dark side?
The man was a science teacher. I think a chemist or biologist. Couldn't he have gone to work at the hospital? Doesn't ELQ have a pharmaceutical division? With his military training, he could have worked for the police department. I know he had PTSD, but they've never referenced it again and now he's working as a hitman. #Gofigure

Whatever excuse they came up with is bullshit just so they could sacrifice Shawn, a once promising character, on the alter of Scummy.
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