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Nov 17 2013, 03:14 PM
If John is a Horton, then that means that Belle is married to her cousin.

It's been done before with some pretty popular and iconic soap characters (notably Larry and Karen). So that doesn't necessarily preclude John from being a Horton if the show desires to go that route. Shelle would be in good company.

ETA: That last unidentified quote is Matt's.

Nov 11 2013, 06:24 PM
Nov 11 2013, 06:09 PM
Nov 11 2013, 05:54 PM
Has a soap ever done that before? ETA - this is about blood related pairings.

And as long as Brady is taking John's women, I'm going to put in my weekly request for Krady.
Well, Jonathan & Tammy on Guiding Light were 1/2 1st cousins. Larry & Karen Wolek on OLTL were cousins (Karen Wolek's maiden & married names were both Wolek). Jimmy Lee Holt & Celia Quartermaine on GH were a hot couple in the 80s and they were cousins. I'm sure I'm missing a ton more somewhere. This "cousins being in love is icky" thing is really a fairly recent attitude from the last couple of decades, I think.
Are these people who knew they were cousins?

I mean, I can think of some couples who did not know they were related (or one did and didn't tell the other one) but I think that's it. Granted my history of soaps knowledge is not as deep.
Oh, yeah. Each of those 3, at least, knew they were cousins. Hell, Karen Wolek was 1st introduced on the show as a Wolek cousin with her sister Jenny. Celia was a Quartermaine cousin & Jimmy Lee wsa revealed to be Edward Quartermaine's son. They still got together. Tammy's mother & Jonathan's mother were 1/2 sisters.

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