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Nov 17 2013, 06:19 PM
Guy Wilson has apologized for the tweet. (I can't get direct links for the first two tweets, but they are in his timeline.)

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
As for my tweet my last night, my sincere apologies to those I've offended. That was never my intention and I feel sick over it.

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
Here in LA and WeHo, the term 'tranny' is used as an endearment.

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
It was shortsighted of me to not realize there's a wide world of views and feelings beyond LA culture.

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
Again, it was never my intention to marginalize anyone EVER!
Yep...there IS a world outside LA...even a world outside the US Guy! There is so much I want to say, but I will make it short...give up twitter (and probably some other habits). Don't associate with MR...oops, strike that...just show us at least that you can act...<sigh...not too hopeful>
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