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Panda Panda
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Nov 17 2013, 10:00 PM
Panda Panda
Nov 17 2013, 08:33 PM
Nov 17 2013, 06:28 PM
best thing I've read this week is "Just because you're offended doesn't automatically make you right."
Yeah okay, but Ricky Gervais was the one to say that. He hardly has a leg to stand on his own hypocritical-self.

I thought his tweet was incredibly rude because he was purposely mis-gendering the person in question. :glare:

How was he "purposely mis-gendering" the person? He couldn't tell if the person was a "she" or a "tranny". I don't think he did anything "purposely".
Trans-gender people are just that. People who are transitioning from one gender to another. It's incredibly rude to call someone who is MTF (Male to Female) by male pronouns like "he, his, him" just as it's similarly rude to call a FTM (Female to Male) by the feminine pronouns "she, her, herself, etc."

The tweet said something like "is she a chick or a tranny?" then lastly he said "will he/she" at the end of his tweet.

Here's the problem: In the first part it's pretty evident that the person in question has a feminine appearance (which could be facial, walk, clothes, hair etc) that's clear enough for Guy to call her by the correct feminine pronoun. He then switches up by calling the person a "tranny" (because they may also have a masculine feature(s);which the person would still be identified as female regardless) and proceeds to purposely use the incorrect gender pronouns to describe the person.

Guy saw a possible transgendered person, who's dominate gender was clear enough to decipher in the beginning of his tweet, acknowledged the fact that the person was transgendered and made a rude comment pertaining to the person being in transition.

And looking at his tweet again there is absolutely nothing in there that can be seen as a term of endearment especially to a stranger in a grocery store.
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