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But you know, SOMEONE is going to get pissed off about something. Where is the line drawn? I'm pretty sure most of us have made those gray area snafus at one time or another. He's just unfortunate enough to have every little thing about him scrutinized because he's following a popular actor. When it boils down to it, do those that "resemble" those remarks get upset, or do other people get upset on their behalf? Maybe we're getting too touchy. I dunno. I mean, I'm overweight and I have had to read comments about that all my life. Thoughtless? Sure. It's going to happen, though, and I've just learned not to get my panties in a wad about it. There are better things in life to get upset about. Now, hate crimes and true hate language that can incite violence against a race, creed, or orientation? That's another matter. I don't think this crossed any lines.
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