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Nov 18 2013, 01:42 AM
Is that a remark on Kim or Shane?

I have mixed feelings on Kimberly. Sometimes she hits the right note. Other times, she's kind of over the top. I hope she tones it down some this time.
I know what you mean. I think Patsy's acting during the first few years was generally more restrained, but it seemed like, over time, she got such a positive response to the uber-emotional stuff that she had a greater tendency to play scenes overwrought when it wasn't necessary. But when it was warranted by the scene, she really delivered some amazing performances.

Her last appearance unfortunately felt very over the top in the first scenes with Shane, but I think a lot of that came from how quickly the reunion took place. I think her anger would have made sense if there had been a little more build-up, but we only had a scene or two of Kim before that and all she said about Shane was that he had disappeared. If you fanwank that she was pissed that he had disappeared without a word, that he had missed some important events in Jeannie's and Andrew's lives, and that he was not around to support her when she was undergoing cancer treatment (plus she probably was terrified that her soulmate was dead but couldn't admit that to herself), her fury when Shane just saunters into Salem and acts like nothing happened might seem more justified. But without any of that, she came off like a shrew.

Hopefully, this visit will be a little more restrained.
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