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Nov 18 2013, 11:09 AM
Nov 18 2013, 10:33 AM
Since when is there a character named Abe on this show? If this show can't be bothered to unearth him to say farewell to Cameron, his only relative on the show and an in-law at that, I cannot imagine this show would go to the trouble of giving him a malady that would require hospitalization. JR deserves so much better than how this show treats him.
Agreed, Abe/JR deserves to be on more. Personally, I would love to see some Abe & Nicole scenes.
I had forgotten the Faye/Abe connection until I was doing my marathon catch-up of the Nicole/Eric storyline. There was one small, tender scene between the Nicole and Abe that I absolutely loved, and I'd love to see even more.

Nicole needs people in her life to depend on who aren't ex-lovers. I'd love to see her lean on Abe as a father figure. I'd like her to make friends with some of the older, wiser women on the show. Nicole and Julie would be fabulous together. Nicole and Maggie could join forces to help Brady come back from the dark side. I'd also think that Kayla and Nicole could have an interesting relationship, given Kayla's ability to see the good in people who on the surface seem like lost causes. Plus, Kayla is Eric's aunt.

I know Nicole has hurt a lot of people, but so had Steve Johnson in his time. So had Jack. If they're taking her in more of a heroine direction (as they seem to be at the moment), they need to give her a stronger support system. I don't think they need to neuter her or erase her edge to do it. But isolating her is a waste of story potential.
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