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Nov 18 2013, 09:19 PM
Nov 18 2013, 04:11 PM
KJAlfonso: In Salem ,working with the a amazingly talented Peggy Macay!;) http://pic.twitter.com/Z9PYsWXsJL

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Don't misunderstand, I LOVE KA, and I LOVE when she posts behind the scenes pics... but every time, I cant help feel like her eyes are saying: "See my earrings? See my necklace? You'd like to own those wouldn't you?"
I feel like we've had a similar discussion before. & my previous position still stands - you can't expect her to take off her jewelry to take a pic & then put it back on & shoot her scenes. There are some pics she takes that are meant to highlight jewelry, and some that are simply meant to be photos of her & the people she's working with. This is one of those "me & my cast mates" pics. And if you're paying attention to her jewelry, then that's a bonus for her.
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