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Viewing Single Post From: DR Day of Days Interview with Shawn Christian

Nov 17 2013, 03:09 PM
I was thinking about the writing for the Daniel/JJ storyline. It's like Tomsell thought - hey, it'll be just like Hamlet! Except, wouldn't it be cool if instead getting revenge on Claudius for replacing his father, Hamlet/JJ realizes that his father was an awful human being and Claudius/Daniel is wonderful and sexy and his mother's true love! Boy, Hamlet would have been so much better if Shakespeare was as smart as we were! Because if Claudius were Daniel Jonas, the audience would totally cheer for that!

Seriously, I have no beef with Shawn Christian, just the awful, artificial and ridiculous and intrusive writing his character gets.
I mentioned that on another board a couple of months ago.......they do think they are a modern day Shakespeare.....but nothing could be far from the truth.But if that be,I'd like to see them write Daniel as puck......instagating and propping everyone else up in Salem. B-) Now that I would watch!;)
BTW.....do you think Dan would do George Hamilton any justice?lol
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