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Nov 19 2013, 10:25 AM
EJ to Sami and Will: "Okay, what don't we all sit and hold hands and sit in a prayer circle for Eric later. In the meantime let's focus on something positive so why don't you tell me about your trip to Berkeley."

What a smarmy douchebag. Why didn't Will and his mom take offence to that? They both have a blind spot for EJ for some reason. But what I don't understand is how can Sami love him after all the horrible things he did to her family?
I totally agree with your post.Sami is so upset over what Kristin did to her twin Eric and EJ's failure to tell her as soon as he found out that she storms out of the mansion and goes to Eric's side and Will is so upset he rushes to Sami because of that concern but as soon as EJ says what's the big deal about my sister raping your brother/uncle the priest,let's hear about your workshop trip,they both immediately drop their concern for Eric and start an inane conversation about the stupid workshop.
Chandler's inappropriate smiling/smirking is getting on my nerves so much I cannot wait for him to leave Salem.It seems as soon as he won the Emmy,his acting skills started to deteriorate and are now at al all time low.I am actually looking forward to new Will.In the same vein,it seems while the skill set of some actors like Casey Jon,
Camilla,Casey Moss,and Nathan Owens got better,Chandler Massey,James Scott,and Alison Sweeney have gotten worse with AS being the worst offender.Her wardrobe has also gotten worse as he status in Salem has gotten better.I do not see high powered executive and lady of the manner when I look at Sami's black leather dress with matching leather jacket and red hooker heels for the wedding and her black leather pants the following day.Does she have a leather fetish?
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