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Nov 19 2013, 06:24 PM
Nov 17 2013, 09:46 AM
Agreed. I've mentioned before that if you watch those videos ouf of context, you could make a convincing case that Eric was sexually harassing Nicole, because he touches her and a lot more than necessary and gives her these little glances that make her uncomfortable.
I'm watching some of the Ericole videos on YouTube and he is very handsy with her.

There was one in early February where he slid his hand all the way down her arm. About a week after that he's giving her this speech about letting going of things that aren't available/possible. She has her back to him and he looks her up and down while he's saying it. In that context he believes she's still hung up on Daniel, but he's also clearly saying it about himself towards her.

During those scenes in February she was getting ready to go out dancing and she's wearing that low-cut leather dress. He looked like he was going to devour her and is visibly shaken -- by her, by his feelings, what have you.

It wouldn't surprise me if part of the reason he was so quick to believe that the blonde woman was Nicole is because he has been actively fighting his own feelings for her.
Thank you. These were the scenes I was referring to. Before the rape, Eric and Nicole had quite a few of them then they decided to throw Kristen into the mix and those scenes came to an end. The focus shifted from them to the Kristen rape/exit build up which I did not appreciate. I missed seeing a jealous and touchy feely Eric who would sometimes stuff his hands in his pockets when Nicole was within touching distance as if he was afraid if he touched her he wouldn't let her go. I miss that Eric and I hope we're about to see him make a huge come back :D
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