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Sami panics when she thinks she left incriminating evidence at the scene of the crime; Rafe and Jordan kiss.

Brady has an emotional breakdown when he gets a video from Kristen; Eric is attacked.

Victor tries to get Maggie to move back home; Kate attempts to prevent Gabi from revealing a huge secret.

An enraged Sami confronts Nicole over the story she's doing on Eric; Brady runs into Maggie while high.

Theresa asks Daniel to help her with JJ; Kate receives an unexpected call from Stefano.


National Enquirer
* EJ intently works to uncover what Sami is keeping from him
* Kate gets quite an unpleasant surprise courtesy of Nick
* Nicole makes an extremely difficult decision about Eric
* Kate desperately tries to stop Gabi from revealing a major secret
*The mystery surrounding Jordan is becoming much deeper.

Credit-Rogue EJami

Gabi continues to unravel and seeks help from Rafe.
Daniel comes up with a way for Eric to clear his name.
Jennifer questions Theresa about the night she ODd.
JJ gets discouraging news about his upcoming hearing.
Kate, Sami and Gabi freak out when someone makes an unexpected appearance.
Nicole and Eric argue over whether they can work together to prove his innocence.

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