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Nov 20 2013, 08:43 AM
Lady Evol
Nov 20 2013, 01:31 AM
Nov 20 2013, 12:24 AM
Nov 19 2013, 11:39 PM

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This is my biggest issue, the word primary. I have no problem with Gabi going to New York and I have no problem with Ari residing with her for half the time. Just as Gabi hasn't been shown to be unfit, neither has Will, so this should be about joint custody. All I have heard Gabi talk about is how this contract gives her the opportunity to come back to Salem with Ari once a month to visit and how Will can come visit them anytime in NYC. It's like Will is a family friend or a family member like an uncle or a grandparent rather than Ari's father with all of the same rights as Gabi. It's just assumed that her rights as Ari's mother supersedes those of Will's as her father. Both have the same rights so both should share custody.
Not across state lines. It's called primary custody because one parent has most time with the child. It is not common for an even split across state lines because it causes instability for the child.

Looking at it as Gabi vs Will isn't what a judge will do- they look at it as what's best for the child. And the best thing would be the person who is the primary caregiver continuing as such. Food, baths, play, bed. Who does that stuff? It seems like they have shown us that it is mainly Gabi. Will and Sonny are having fun playing house, but they aren't being shown to be equal parents. There is no custody agreement and Gabi and will were never married, so she can theoretically just do what she wants. If he goes to court over it- well, she moved there to provide for her child and has a contract that provides extremely well for her to parent.

Will (unemployed, lifetime student, changes majors frequently, connections to the dimeras) honestly wouldn't stand a chance.

Edit- of course we are talking about a fictional show that takes liberties with laws and processes, so anything could happen, that's just how reality would affect the situation.
When Will said yesterday he's changing his major...so he's not even a senior? Move him and Abigail along already! Graduate them, this is ridiculous.
Shouldn't Abigail be Theresa's age? Why is she still in college?
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